Please stop by the SUSE Community stand and say Hi!

smfloodsmflood Knowledge Partner
If you're at SUSECON this week in Prague and use the SUSE Forums please stop by the SUSE Community stand (B11) and say Hi!

There are four Knowledge Partners attending so you can meet one (or more) of:

Whilst we'll also try to help with any support issues you're having with SUSE products I'd advise starting a thread in the appropriate product forum and then you can reference that when stopping by.

We'd be glad to put faces to (user)names!


  • abab Knowledge Partner
    Quite a crowd so far in the technology area, but this has been a great
    start to the conference. If nothing else, get in the area for the food
    (and desserts!) available to all.

    Good luck.

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  • kgronemankgroneman Administrator
    You guys are making me jealous.

    Kim - 9/26/2017 7:29:04 AM
  • KEVINKEVIN Knowledge Partner
    It's the last day for the technology showcase but there is still time to drop by and say hello to all of us!
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