Use case for application (auto)scaling

I'm thinking about writing an article on Cloud Foundry's app autoscaling and load balancing features, but I'm lacking ideas on interesting use cases. Typical example apps I found on the web somewhat artificially swamp disk/memory with random numbers so that they run out of resources but I was looking for something more "real". Any ideas anyone?


  • Blogs that might get to the front page of Reddit where you don't want the "hug of death" to take down everything is the obvious one. Components (like auth) that gets called several times from everywhere would be a good thing to autoscale as well

  • .. my thoughts,,, you correctly mentioned that the usecases out there are about mem,cpu,disk throughtput, at the cf application core level, but another use case, is where potentially we have a backend service integration that falls outside the core app perspective, ie: postgres database resides on a public cloud and its having performance issues. The whole app could be affected. Not sure if this should only be addressed from a monitoring level perspective or even if it falls under the autoscaling feature or if there is ground for improvement to collect additional metrics based on service broker integration

  • Publishing something that is so popular that the app needs to be replicated is a good one, but how would I simulate that to demo it? Are there any good tools to simulate a large user population towards a web app?

  • you mean something like apache benchmark to simulate load ?

  • Yeah ab might be the go to solution here.

  • In my CF demos, I've used locust...allows me to target a service using the api for that service. Can nicely show the autoscale features of CF.

  • Oh thanks, didn't know about Locust yet, will definitely take a look.

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