Isn't the new layout horrible?

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Who approved it? When I see the formatting options which for example Stackoverflow offers with the options in this forum then I think I have landed in the year 1990.


  • Hi @PeterVarga - thanks for your feedback. Yeah, we have some work to do here. :-) Our primary focus for this first round was to simply re-platform and migrate data. We'll get more into the aesthetics and usability aspects in a future revision. Please provide specific formatting options that you are seeking so that we can to our backlog. Thanks, Sarah

  • No i wouldn't say terrible just different. Also I've seen and am a member of ones that look terrible SUSE's forum isn't even close to that one.

    I won't mention that forum here I will however say this much it's not a Linux forum.

  • PeterVargaPeterVarga New or Quiet Member

    Hi Sarah, if I should sound rude, I apologize, of course it wasn't my intention and I didn't know that the forum is still in a development process. I thought this is the final version.

    Thank you for asking and to be honest I think, if you could implement then this would be outstanding. Of course, I don't know anything regarding some possible prices/licenses etc.

    Considering that lot of log files and commands are posted here a better formatting would help to improve the readability of the posts.

    I hope something like this can be implemented. Thx, Peter

  • Hi Peter,

    thanks for the feedback, it is great to get feedback from our users, so we can can build the best tools and community for you! :)


    Chris (Developer Community Team)

  • Turns out there was an issue with two of the editor plugins not cooperating and colliding on css. I think the editor is way nicer now...

  • PeterVargaPeterVarga New or Quiet Member

    Yep, definitely it looks nicer now. Thank you @atgracey

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