So what are you doing during the Covid-19 stay at home orders?

I'll start this off by

  1. learning binary options
  2. playing with my cat
  3. relearning to cook
  4. learning the new forum
  5. continuing to have a lot of fun with OpenSuse


  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner
    1. Still working (but limited).... 😕
    2. Built a raised bed vegetable garden (My Wife and Son are responsible for populating etc.)
    3. Helping out with the openSUSE Forum move.
    4. Like everyone else getting use to the new SUSE Forum 😀
    1. Playing with home automation (node-red, MQTT, Zwave, and Homekit)
    2. Learning Tekton pipelines and building buildpacks to use them
    3. Watching way too many movies with my wife. Finally caved and got Disney+ for at least a month or two
    4. Trying to workout without a gym and find motivation to stay less out of shape than I could be

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    I know all about 4 perhaps a pin up from the cover of Men's Health Magazine would help. Yeah you know you could Photoshop your face on it and go from there.

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    1. Junking on Spotify
    2. Netflix, Prime Youtube
    3. Bought a new bike and trying to get fit
    4. Oh the beers, so many beers :D
    5. Uploaded a new forum with my team and getting to know everyone
    6. Evangelizing SUSE and openSource to the world
  • BillBill New or Quiet Member

    Working. Ah, the wonders of the Internet! In the old days, it was through POTS and a modem. Either way, we only went to the client's location if an on-site presence was necessary. So the Chinese flu really hasn't had much effect at BCS Technology.

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