SLES15.1 Takes Hours to Copy Files From Network Share

So I have been at this for two days now and no solution. I have a Windows 2016 file server setup with files I need to copy to my SUSE SLES 15 SP1 with GUI desktop but when I do, I see the pie indicator at top right corner it says copying files, but also says copying will take an estimated 596,000 hours to complete. I did not have this issue using SLES 15 or older versions. I have also RHEL 8.1 systems on my network that are able to access the Windows Server 2016 shared directory and copy files from it without issue. I pinged the Windows file server and average is .8ms so it is not a connection issue.


  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner


    Have you checked the connection speed of the link via ethtool, it's full speed and duplex, maybe even a faulty cable?

  • I'd also check that your routing is set up right and there's no weird looping causing issues.

  • After using zypper up, I was able to transfer files between Windows Server 2016 network share and SLES 15 SP1 without issue. I usually do not update the packages because i run tests and wipe the OS off and run another OS on same system.

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