Sound and bluetooth

I would suggest SUSE to collect a checklist of function that the software shall support. Find an Indian companz to perform tests when a new update get released. I can help find a company, if needed.
In past it worked well using bluetooth to transfer music on your HIFI system. Recently it doesn't work anymore (worked proper in past) and no other forum has a proper answer. I have installed PAV-control.
The bluetooth device is simply not visible in Pulse at all.


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    What release and desktop environment?
    Perhaps some more details on the hardware involved?

    lsusb -t
    hwinfo --bluetooth
    journalctl -u bluetooth
    journalctl -f <when connecting?>

    On SLED 15 SP1, I don't see issues with my intel device?

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    I use 15.1 as well, Gnome enviroment.

    But now it works.

    ### Automatically load driver modules for Bluetooth hardware
    load-module module-bluetooth-policy

    I activated the line _load-module module-bluetooth-policy _in /etc/pulse/
    And since it works

  • I had SUSE support on it and we tried different but gave up.
    The system showed "sink error"
    Then I found another option in web.
    I had to install JBL-App on my phone. In that app is an option for firmware update. This firmware updated solved the problem.
    So the problem has been at the JBL headset.

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    @Hans-Christoph thanks for the update and issue resolved :)

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