Server don't start after reboot

On virtualized SLES 12 SP3 machine (On VMware 6.7) I got a great problem. The machine hangs, so I want to reboot it. This don't work. From VMware console I powered off the VM. Now the machine comes up again.
SLES12 starts in emergency mode.
I've got this messages:
Recovery of btrfs file system is not automated.

Here I tried to use btrfs -- readonly . I can't see errors here.
A --repair I won't start for the moment.
When I continue with Ctrl + D there isz a message Failed to start Transaction is destructive.

Any ideas, how can I fix this? With btrfs I don't have any experiences. Most other machines are using ext version.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Dirk Emmermacher


  • Hello Malcom.
    Yes, I read this document. I start mount -t btrfs -o recovery,ro /dev/ /. Troubleshooting on filesystem is really not a job, that I learned. For this, Linux is to stable. The machine itself is a little bit older, so I remember on original mountpoint. This directory isn't present on emergency boot. So I could only mount the devices to new mountpoints. For showing, which filesystem my hardisks have, I try to download the /etc/fstab. Its not possible to download it.
    For today its enough troubleshooting. I'll be back tomorrow.

    Stay healthy!


  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner

    @Emmermacher I would suggest in the first instance use /mnt then have a look, you may need to mount the btrfs sub volumes as well. As per the document, you might be better to raise a Support Request if it looks like your going down the 'rabbit hole....'

  • Hello Malcom.
    Thanks for the advice. For the moment there is no /mnt present. In /etc there only is a fstab.empty.
    So I will ask the support here.

    Stay healthy

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