Issue with networking routes

Hi all,

Im having experiencing connect to the external routes for my application.
Have a simple apache instance loaded, however every time i try to connect to this, i get the following error in my browser.

404 Not Found: Requested route ('apachenew-.........) does not exist.

Just wanted to know if there was any issues going on - this was working for me just the other day.

Thanks in advance


  • Just to add to this, it appears that when i spin up two instances of the application, it somehow appears to work.
    But with 1 it fails with the same error.
    Very odd behaviour

  • I face the same issue!
    Kindly help

  • @malcolmlewis , are you aware about any known issue around this. I am struct as I can't use the workaround(i.e. spin two instances due to memory limitation)

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