SLES11SP4 Is anyone using the fence agents from the RHCS ?


getting recommendations from the pacemaker ML, i try to set a fixed delay for my fencing resources. Unfortunately the stonith agents provided by SuSE can't do that. Stonithd just offers a random delay for stonith, which i don't like to choose. The fence agents from the RHCS are able to do that. I found packages for these agents for SLES:
But just for SLES 11 SP2, i have SP4. And the RHCS fence agents need a python module python-pexpect, which i found just for SP3.
Does anyone have experiences with the fence agents from the RHCS ? I don't really feel comfortable using them combined with pacemaker, because they are intended for another cluster suite.
Does anyone use them ?




  • i800118i800118 New or Quiet Member
    We have been using the RHCS fence agent cisco_ucs on SLES 11 SP4 since last year. The version we are using is fence-agents-4.0.12-3.1 from the SLE11-HAE-SP4-Updates channel. It has been working as expected.
  • berndgsflinuxberndgsflinux Senior Member

    i managed to get it work as expected. We are using fence-ipmilan from RHCS. Some recommendations how to use them can be found here:
    I will just update the agent to the one from the HAE Update channel.

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