Autoyast SLES15 SP1

JBlessingJBlessing New or Quiet Member

I just cant get Autoyast work properly. I have attached the floppy image to the vm and it boots correct from the iso, finds the autoinst.xml and starts autoyast installer.

But then it stops with "Product 'sle-module-server-applications' could not be added from '";

In the autoyast config tool I could add the registration keys and also select the modules to be installed.
Basically, we would like to standardize our setups / installs.

What am I missing here?



  • JBlessingJBlessing New or Quiet Member
    .. looks like the LAN/NET is not configured.. although its in the control file..
  • JBlessingJBlessing New or Quiet Member
    it was the LAN - although it is defined in the xml file, it still needs to be adressed with the parameter before calling autoyast.
    Not very clear in the documentation, though..
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