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  1. Deploy a SUSE Enterprise Storage test environment in about 3
  2. Let’s flip the flags! Is my SAP HANA database in sync or not
  3. The Many Faces of SUSE Global Services: An Interview with R
  4. Universal Solution for Retail
  5. Congratulations to Envoy for Graduation as CNCF Project
  6. Provisioning baremetal nodes for NFV CI/CD
  7. Keys to driving successful AI and machine learning projects
  8. Transformation: It’s Not Just for Caterpillars!
  9. Break your data silos with SAP Data Hub, Lenovo and SUSE. Wa
  10. How much data in the world by 2025?
  11. Why Service Providers Should Invest in OpenStack Cloud
  12. Happy Holidays from the SUSE Academic Program *
  13. KVM networking: a simple way to manage port forwards and con
  14. You want some SUSE socks? We know you do; SUSE x KubeCon.
  15. SUSE CaaS Platform Updated to Address Kubernetes Vulnerabili
  16. SAP HANA Systemreplication Automation with SUSE HA on Alibab
  17. Tis the Season for My Top 10 Predictions for 2019
  18. Face Recognition Based on *dlib* in a KVM Guest
  19. Welcome etcd to CNCF
  20. SUSE Cloud Application Platform v1.3 released
  21. Bosch Group expands Digital Services with SAP HANA on SUSE
  22. Making the Selection
  23. SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 4 is Generally Availab
  24. SAP HANA Cost-optimized – An alternative Route is available
  25. SUSE YES Certification for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP4 now
  26. First year of SUSE Graduate Program saw their students gradu
  27. Unlocking the Skills Shortage Dilemma for IT Transformation
  28. Let it Shine: New User Interface for Open Build Service
  29. This holiday season give the gift of IT transformation with
  30. In 2019, don`t let Cybersecurity keep you awake. Sleep tight
  31. SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 1 Beta 1 !
  32. The Many Faces of Global Services: Jason Hill, Head of Glob
  33. SUSE CaaS Platform 3 validated for SAP Data Hub 2.4
  34. SUSE x KubeCon; a Post-Mortem.
  35. Smoothing the Path to OpenStack Cloud for Service Providers
  36. New Operating System Security Hardening Guides for SAP HANA
  37. Jumpstarting an IT Transformation
  38. New Year Goals
  39. Stack clashing systemd aka “System Down”
  40. SUSE Linux for Arm now available for all customers
  41. Looking for a reason to attend SUSECON? I’ve got 5!
  42. Managing compliance for Linux systems with SUSE Manager
  43. Community collaboration makes for some great OpenStack solut
  44. SUSE Partners with Intel and SAP to Accelerate IT Transforma
  45. SUSECON: The Best Open Source Conference Value in the World!
  46. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications support up
  47. How Do You Get Even More Value From SUSECON?
  48. SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 Beta 7 is out!
  49. Is time running out for your SAP Linux support?
  50. May we live in interesting times
  51. Why was 2018 a landmark year for Cloud computing? And what’
  52. Cast your votes for sessions at the first Open Infrastructur
  53. February 7th: The SUSE Academic Program partners with GroupL
  54. Ingress Controllers: Getting In and Getting It Right
  55. Quickly deploy Kubernetes on OpenStack with SUSE*
  56. The Cost of a Do-It-Yourself Transformation
  57. It’s time you think about upgrading, from SUSE Enterprise St
  58. The SUSECON 2019 Session Catalog is Now Live!
  59. Nordicmind is THE new SUSE Distribution Partner in Finland a
  60. SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 Public Beta is available!
  61. SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 1 Beta 3 is ready for
  62. Deliver Applications Faster – Here’s How
  63. Explore options for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 4,
  64. SAP in the Cloud. Get Exclusive Gartner Research
  65. Are You Prepared For A Good Thing?
  66. SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 Release Candidate 1 is here!
  67. Explore as opções do SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 4
  68. The ibmvnic driver with SR-IOV is now supported by SLES 12 a
  69. SUSE Public Cloud Image Life-cycle
  70. A Mile High In Denver
  71. Useful Resources for deploying SAP Workloads on SUSE in Azur
  72. iSCSI made easy with SUSE Enterprise Storage
  73. Webinar: Accelerate and Modernize Container Application Deli
  74. Is a Services Partner the Key to a Successful IT Transformat
  75. My Kind of Open: SUSECON 2019 Gets Flexible
  76. Tool Up – Working with Containers and SUSE Manager
  77. SUSE, GroupLink, & TTP: FREE Resources for Academic Technolo
  78. SUSE at “The City of Lights” for HPE Technology and Solution
  79. Technical Deep-Dive of Container Runtimes
  80. Transformation and Future Trends at SUSECON 2019
  81. Projets d’IA et de machine-learning : les secrets de la réus
  82. HPE Technology & Solutions Summit Paris
  83. ARM and TaiShan and YES Certified, Oh My!
  84. Should You Pay for an Open Source Distribution?
  85. SUSECON 2019: My Kind of Open(Stack)
  86. First Public SUSE Doc Day Ever – Join us at SUSECON!
  87. We’re Rolling Out The Green Carpet – Only 4 Weeks To Go!!
  88. SUSECON 2019: Family and innovative partnerships to support
  89. Get Ready to Get Your SUSECON On!
  90. ASUG Study Insights on SAP HANA Adoption – Without the Heada
  91. HOT Off the Presses, a RA for the Container Age!
  92. There’s no such thing as a bad question…especially when choo
  93. Challenge: No Internet Bound Traffic from the Public Cloud
  94. Going to Google Next? Yes, SUSE will be there!
  95. BPSolutions decided it needed to be GREEN!!
  96. SUSE Studio Onsite End of Support
  97. You may not know it, but you already have a PaaS
  98. Backed by SUSE Support – Always On!
  99. Combine the performance of solid-state drive with the capaci
  100. Stratos: Customizing and Extending your Cloud Foundry UI
  101. SUSE “Universe” is expanding. Visit us at Micro Focus Univer
  102. Mise en réseau avec KVM
  103. First Public Beta for SUSE Manager 4.0!
  104. Is 2019 the Year IoT and Edge Computing Comes of Age?
  105. Keep an Open Mind in an Open Source World
  106. The Future of SUSE: A Home for Truly Open Open Source Soluti
  107. Ressources utiles pour le déploiement de workloads SAP sur S
  108. SUSECON 2019: These Industry Kingpins Have Something to Say
  109. We did it again – Our HA solution is SAP Certified
  110. Managing Linux in the Cloud
  111. From Paris with Love
  112. SUSE Enterprise Storage 6 Beta Program
  113. 3 Reasons Every Enterprise Should Use Kubernetes
  114. Three Ways Long Term Service Pack Support (LTSS) Makes the L
  115. Open Source : Faut-il vraiment payer pour une distribution ?
  116. SUSE and Redis Labs: the story of a two-way partnership
  117. SUSECON 2019 Sponsors, Keynotes and Breakout Sessions Announ
  118. Planning for a Software Defined Infrastructure
  119. Kubernetes and the Enterprise
  120. Kubernetes Project Releases Version 1.14
  121. Learn about SUSE Cloud Application Platform at SUSECON
  122. SUSECON 2019 “MY KIND OF OPEN” Nashville, TN April 1-5
  123. Aurora – A New Dawn in Exascale Computing
  124. Wonderful world of CEPHalopods
  125. SUSECON 2019: There’s Still Time!
  126. Our Kind of Open: Meet Leostream in Nashville at SUSECON 201
  127. 5 Reasons To Attend SUSECON 2019
  128. Digital Transformation is Hard, Let Global Services Make IT
  129. YOUR Kind of Open Solutions for SAP Environments at SUSECON
  130. Oracle Product Certifications with SUSE Linux Enterprise
  131. SUSECON 2019 MY KIND OPEN is hitting the Nashville Scene!
  132. Meet SUSE at Cloud Foundry Summit in Philadelphia
  133. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 validated for SAP workloads
  134. Six First Impressions of SUSE Cloud Application Platform
  135. A Syllabus to SUSE CaaS Platform at SUSECON
  136. Going to SUSECON ’19? Get $5!
  137. View from 30,000ft of Some SUSECON Ceph Sessions
  138. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm 15 on AWS
  139. SUSE Cloud Application Platform v1.4 released
  140. SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 – coming soon!
  141. SUSE Collaborates with Intel to Accelerate Data-Centric Tran
  142. Our Kind of Open: SUSECON Day 1 Recap
  143. The Openness Continues: SUSECON Day 2 Recap
  144. Welcome to the CNCF, CRI-O!
  145. SUSE Manager 4.0 Beta 2 is out!
  146. SUSECON – Cloud Talkin’
  147. Transform with Professional Services
  148. How I fell in love in Nashville
  149. SUSE @ SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 – What to expect?
  150. SAP Change Management Outcomes – why should you care?
  151. [Webinar Alert] HPE+SUSE for your critical apps (SAP HANA, S
  152. Are you missing the potential of dynamic SAP communication?
  153. SUSECON 2019 – What a great experience!
  154. The World has Changed Since Tiger Woods First Won the Master
  155. Want to learn all about Ceph?
  156. How to tweak your SAP S/4 HANA – Enqueue Replication 2 High
  157. How CIOs can improve business results through SAP and cloud
  158. Getting an Edge on Point of Service
  159. How Big is a Container, Really?
  160. Kubernetes Cluster vs Master Node
  161. The Bright (green) Lights of Denver
  162. A Special Offer for SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Early Adop
  163. Operating SUSE Cloud Application Platform for the Swiss Fede
  164. My Kind of SUSE Support
  165. How do you say SUSE?
  166. SUSE CaaS Platform at Open Infrastructure Summit
  167. Why Hybrid Cloud is About to Get a Whole Lot Easier
  168. Eirini and CF Containerization: a field guide
  169. SQL Server on SUSE Linux from A-Z: Data platform, High Avai
  170. On Cloud Nine in Denver
  171. The DevOps Edge with SUSE Manager
  172. Getting a little taste of the data explosion
  173. Why it’s Critical to Have a Tested Backup and Recovery Strat
  174. [SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG] Discuss Your Digital Transformation Pr
  175. Get Ready to Rumble… or um, Dance?
  176. Beastly documentation: A SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 reorg story
  177. Wrangling Your Data Tornado with SAP Data Hub and SUSE CaaS
  178. Culture Can Both Paralyze and Empower IT
  179. Trusted, open innovation that matters for SAP HANA on IBM Po
  180. SAP S/4HANA: A New State for the ERP Market
  181. IT Infrastructure Management: What You Need to Know
  182. We go together…
  183. Going to @SAPPHIRENOW 2019? Don’t miss out visiting SUSE Boo
  184. 40+ sessions you shouldn’t miss at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019
  185. Stress-free open infrastructure the SUSE way
  186. Do you really need to scale to zero?
  187. SUSE CLM Admin Console is a powerful tool for OpenStack mana
  188. The SUSE Academic Program partners with The University of La
  189. Busting S/4HANA Transformation Myths
  190. Enterprise Open Source Backed By SUSE Support
  191. A new saptune is knocking on your door
  192. The SUSE Academic Program partners with The University of La
  193. Where can you find SUSE at SAPPHIRE NOW?
  194. Introducing SUSE Start for SUSE CaaS Platform: The Right Pla
  195. Visit SUSE at Lenovo Accelerate 2019 for a datacenter transf
  196. Early Announcement: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP App
  197. Things happen in 3’s
  198. Visit SUSE at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 and learn more about SUSE so
  199. Cloudy with a chance of chameleons
  200. SUSE Enterprise Storage rated ‘excellent’ across multiple ca
  201. Open Source Guide “Hello Xen Project” Asks for Contribution
  202. Managing the New IT
  203. Inspiration and Learning at SAS Global Forum
  204. SUSE Expert Days – Your kind of Open
  205. 3 Reasons why the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver was S
  206. SUSE CaaS Platform 3 validated for SAP Data Hub 2.5
  207. Demystifying Containers – Part I: Kernel Space
  208. A VMware User’s Guide to Repatriating Cloud Instances with O
  209. Migrez de SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 à 5.5 et passez à la vit
  210. Top 5 Reasons to Take the Cloud Foundry User Survey This Wee
  211. SUSE addresses Microarchitectural Data Sampling Vulnerabilit
  212. SUSE Support Treats You “Like Family”
  213. How CaaSP helps in Microservice (MSA) & PaaS?
  214. SUSE Teams Up with Veeam for Data Protection Support
  215. What is a Kubernetes distribution, and why would you want on
  216. KubeCon Barcelona: The New SUSE, and SUSE CaaS Platform.
  217. Introducing SUSE Enterprise Storage 6
  218. CRN 2019 Women of the Channel – Congratulations Julie Baldwi
  219. Academic Support Center BiASC connects the SUSE Academic Pro
  220. The OpenStack User Survey is now open
  221. Major Distro Upgrade In The Public Cloud Made Easy
  222. Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies C
  223. First public beta of SUSE CaaS Platform 4.0!
  224. Developers Need More Than Just Kubernetes
  225. Where are customers in their SAP S/4HANA migration journey?
  226. Release Candidate 1 is available for SUSE Manager 4.0
  227. The SAP Technical Architect as a Super Hero
  228. SUSECON Wrap-up: SUSE Cloud Application Platform
  229. Oracle Database 19c is Available on SUSE Linux Enterprise
  230. An Early Adopters Story about SUSE Cloud Application Platfor
  231. The Open Infrastructure Summit comes to Shanghai
  232. Geekos, Containers, and Clouds… Oh my! (Case Study of SUSE’s
  233. An interview with Thomas Di Giacomo about the state of Kuber
  234. Stichting Praktijkleren partners with the SUSE Academic Prog
  235. Using Eclipse as an IDE for SUSE Cloud Application Platform
  236. The University of Maine: High-Performance Computing, Climat
  237. The Holy Grail of PaaS on Kubernetes
  238. Podman et CRI-O, le nouveau duo de la conteneurisation
  239. Support @ SUSE: The Entire Chain from an Incident to a Fix
  240. Digital Transformation: An Interview with Rania Mohamed (SU
  241. How Are Organizations Approaching SAP S/4HANA Migration?
  242. [Contest] What’s Your Wildest Wish for Your Data Center?
  243. Three action-packed days with HPE in Vegas! Are you ready?
  244. Cloud Strategies in Frankfurt
  245. Are We Ready to Ditch the Data Center?
  246. Enabling Discoveries with AI and HPC (and the Rise of Helium
  247. SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 5 Beta 1
  248. A demo based introduction to SUSE Cloud Application Platform
  249. SUSE addresses the “SACK Panic” TCP remote denial of service
  250. The Team Behind The Team: Like the Raptors, Can a Secret We