View Full Version : scheduled update for multiple systems ?

02-Nov-2017, 13:22
We have over 600 sles based servers and we need to update them all within a period of one month. I'm looking for a solution where I can create static groups with a bunch of servers, i.e. group1, group2 and so on. This is the easiest step.
Now we plan to schedule automatic systemupdates during nighttime: Group1 update at 02am, group2 at 4am and so on. Additional we need to run Pre- and Postscripts with the schedule. Where I find a function like this in the WebGui?

It's just patching - not SP-Migration!

Anyone an idea?

03-Nov-2017, 04:39
Have a look at Systems>System Set Manager>Overview then in the group you can set under 'Misc' to set 'Automatic application of relevant patches', then set up a schedule.

For your scripts via salt perhaps? What sort of scripts are they?

03-Nov-2017, 07:57
Thank you Malcolm! AFAIK I can only define one SystemSetManager and fill it up with all clients. Because of SLA's with our customers we defined for each system a special Maintainance Window. Some Servers have to be patched on every first Monday at 6pm, some servers only on third wednesday 9pm ... and so on. In the past with another Tool (I won't say the name ;-) ) we defined the MW only once and the patching for the system runs without any handling.

For this I think that we need multiple SystemSets? Is this paossible through Web-GUI?