View Full Version : SLED 12 SP3 wine - Windows Emulator

13-Nov-2017, 16:42
Any chance wine is in a special repo somewhere ? Can't find it in the standard ones ?

If it is not available then I would kindly ask that it be added to the next SP.


13-Nov-2017, 18:04
I would recommend CodeWeavers crossover, going forward anything like that is going to have to deal with Wayland as opposed to Xorg.

Run in a windows vm, docker, flatpak etc?

What applications are you needing to be emulated?

13-Nov-2017, 18:12
Update, I see a build is waiting in the Emulators:Wine development repository....

Keep and eye on the progress at the above link to see if SLE 12 SP3 gets a successful build. All unsupported of course...

13-Nov-2017, 18:18
Tried compiling it from wineHQ source - didn't work out so well.

Then tried the repo from open suse http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Emulators:/Wine/SLE-12-SP3/ This installed and appears to be working so far, but like you said unsupported.

06-Jan-2018, 21:19
Wine and all that doesnt work really. I have CAD software and did following:
(not all work out of the box since SUSE is sometimes programmed badly)
- install KVM - YAST - create virtual machine for KVM.....
- install libvirt - might missing
- start in service manager libvirt
- start KVM
- install windows xx (is for free) in the virtual machine.
KVM is really stabile, powerfull and much better than virtual box from oracle - and not to compare with WINE.

Now you have a full system that realy works. You can have it open in a window inside linux. you have USB, WEB, you can copy from linux to win and back....
My suggestion - I use it for CAD and much more. Takes about 60GB on an HD. But that should not be an issue.