View Full Version : SLES12SP3 for SAP AMI fails cloud registration

22-Nov-2017, 22:59

Registration failed for the following AMI ami-5c65a225, but it seems to be the same case for all AWS region.

This problem can be repeated:

ID Instance:
- i-07ba93b9e69453a2c
- ami-5c65a225
- suse-sles-sap-12-sp3

ec2-user@ip-172-31-47-175:~> sudo zypper lr
Refreshing service 'cloud_update'.
Repository priorities are without effect. All enabled repositories share the same priority.

# | Alias | Name | Enabled | GPG Check | Refresh
1 | nVidia-Driver-SLE12-SP3 | nVidia-Driver-SLE12-SP3 | No | ---- | ----

ec2-user@ip-172-31-47-175:~> /usr/bin/ec2metadata --api latest --document --signature --pkcs7 --xml
"devpayProductCodes" : null,
"marketplaceProductCodes" : [ "6bgwvjznphddpkkdrqigrnpc5" ],
"availabilityZone" : "eu-west-1a",
"version" : "2017-09-30",
"region" : "eu-west-1",
"instanceId" : "i-07ba93b9e69453a2c",
"billingProducts" : null,
"instanceType" : "t2.large",
"pendingTime" : "2017-11-22T20:42:58Z",
"accountId" : "188530769377",
"privateIp" : "",
"architecture" : "x86_64",
"kernelId" : null,
"ramdiskId" : null,
"imageId" : "ami-5c65a225"

ec2-user@ip-172-31-47-175:~> sudo /usr/sbin/registercloudguest --force-new
/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/requests/packages/urllib3/connection.py:264: SubjectAltNameWarning: Certificate for has no `subjectAltName`, falling back to check for a `commonName` for now. This feature is being removed by major browsers and deprecated by RFC 2818. (See https://github.com/shazow/urllib3/issues/497 for details.)

2017-11-22 21:18:46,949 INFO:Forced new registration
2017-11-22 21:18:46,959 INFO:Nothing to do no registration target
2017-11-22 21:18:46,959 INFO:Using API: regionInfo
2017-11-22 21:18:46,959 INFO:Using region server:
2017-11-22 21:18:46,962 INFO:Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
2017-11-22 21:18:47,525 INFO:Starting new HTTP connection (1):
2017-11-22 21:18:47,533 INFO:Modified /etc/hosts, added: smt-ec2.susecloud.net smt-ec2

2017-11-22 21:18:47,726 INFO:[Service] No SMT server found, nothing to do
2017-11-22 21:18:47,757 INFO:Writing SMT rootCA: /usr/share/pki/trust/anchors
2017-11-22 21:18:47,758 INFO:Starting new HTTP connection (1):
2017-11-22 21:18:47,760 INFO:Updating CA certificates: update-ca-certificates
2017-11-22 21:18:49,485 ERROR:Registration with failed. Trying
2017-11-22 21:18:49,485 INFO:Clean current registration server:
2017-11-22 21:18:49,486 INFO:Modified /etc/hosts, added: smt-ec2.susecloud.net smt-ec2

2017-11-22 21:18:50,235 ERROR:Baseproduct registration failed
2017-11-22 21:18:50,235 ERROR: Error: SCC returned 'Guest verification failed repository access denied' (403)

ec2-user@ip-172-31-47-175:~> cat /etc/hosts
# hosts This file describes a number of hostname-to-address
# mappings for the TCP/IP subsystem. It is mostly
# used at boot time, when no name servers are running.
# On small systems, this file can be used instead of a
# "named" name server.
# Syntax:
# IP-Address Full-Qualified-Hostname Short-Hostname
# localhost

# special IPv6 addresses
::1 localhost ipv6-localhost ipv6-loopback

fe00::0 ipv6-localnet

ff00::0 ipv6-mcastprefix
ff02::1 ipv6-allnodes
ff02::2 ipv6-allrouters
ff02::3 ipv6-allhosts

# Added by SMT registration do not remove, retain comment as well smt-ec2.susecloud.net smt-ec2

Many instances already launched how to fix it?

Thank you

23-Nov-2017, 13:44

Sorry for the trouble. This is a problem with the partner infrastructure we are using. In the meantime AWS is also re-selling SLES For SAP Applications in AWS Marketplace, see


Please use the new offerings. As an added benefit the listing from AWS is more cost effective.

23-Nov-2017, 14:14
Are they not impacted by the SLES 12 SP3 EC2 AMI network scripts issues when there is not Public IP?

25-Nov-2017, 14:28
The network setup issue has been addressed, see [1]. The images released by AWS are time-stamped with 2017111121

[1] https://www.suse.com/communities/blog/ooops-v20171107-may-spell-network-trouble-aws-ec2/