View Full Version : SLES12 SP3 as compute node of SOC 7

27-Dec-2017, 05:50
I know that existing SLES12 SP2 can be added as compute node using "crowbar_register" script. Can an existing SLES12 SP3 added as Compute node of SOC 7? If so, is the steps same as adding SLES 12 SP2?

29-Dec-2017, 10:09
SOC7 officially only supports SLES12 SP2, but most of the code will work on SP3 as well - the one hard package is the openvswitch-kmp which will probably need to be rebuilt from source for the SP3 kernel.
Or maybe you just use the neutron linuxbridge code. Then you will not need the openvswitch-kmp.

SOC8 (coming next year) will work with SLES12 SP3

03-Jan-2018, 06:30
Thanks for the clarification.