View Full Version : Convirt 2.1 open source applicance avalible to test

16-May-2012, 16:56
Hi All,

for those that are interested in an open source management tool for a SLES Xen environment (KVM support should also be possible), I've published a first preview of a LiveCD appliance that you might want to have a look at: http://susestudio.com/a/YtQGNq/sles11sp2-cd-64bit-convirt-xen

Take care as I've just started using SUSE Studio in this fashion and still need to do allot of testing on how this appliance is working.

If you'd like to test and give some feedback, I'd appreciate it! The LiveCD can be downloaded here : http://susestudio.com/a/YtQGNq/sles11sp2-cd-64bit-convirt-xen

Oh yes. and Convirt 2.1 now also properly supports IE 8 (as well as FireFox), so you can manage you Xen hosts / guests / etc from any workstation running one of these browsers along with the Java JRE.