View Full Version : How do I make SuMa talk to clients on multple subnets?

02-May-2018, 19:49
Hi there. I have clients I am trying to add and it seems that if they are on a different subnet than my SuMa server then it is stuck at:

* downloading necessary files
curl: (7) Failed connect to my.server.com:443; Connection timed out
curl: (7) Failed connect to my.server.com:443; Connection timed out
ERROR: client_config_update.py was not downloaded
Last login: Wed May 2 15:20:44 UTC 2018

. How do I accommodate for this? I know this seems like a general Linux question, but since my issue is within SuMa I figured I'd ask here.

03-May-2018, 07:36
That looks like a general Linux question indeed !

How did you get the bootstrap script to the client ? Is there a network connection ? Can the server ping the client ? Can the client ping the server ?
Is there a firewall inbetween ? Make sure that its configuration follows the firewall rules: https://www.suse.com/documentation/suse-manager-3/book_suma_getting-started_31/data/sect1_2_chapter_book_suma_getting-started_31.html

03-May-2018, 13:20
Well, the bootstrap script never made it to the client seems since I got stuck here. There is a network connection. It seems I can ssh into the client, I can't do much else. I gave the service account permissions in the client. The client can ping the server, but not able to ssh to the server. There is a firewall active on the server as is the client side, but both seem to be open on the right ports.

04-May-2018, 07:04
Maybe a DNS issue. The server's FQDN needs to resolve to its IP address *and* vice versa. Check with "dig" and "dig -x".

04-May-2018, 20:20
By the way, that 'my.server.com', I'm assuming that is supposed to be the FQDN of my SuMa server? Because I can't find where I am supposed to change that.

07-May-2018, 07:59
You can't change a SUSE Manager Server's FQDN after installation because it would invalidate all certificates.

24-Jul-2018, 11:57

Maybe there is a wrong name in Admin -> Manager Configuration -> Bootstrap Script?
But first I think you could try to change the name directly in the bootstrap script just for testing. They are in /srv/www/htdocs/pub/bootstrap .
But also try to figure out if there is just a routing problem to the SuMa Server. If a ping or telnet [suma-server] 443 doesn't work, everything else will also fail.

Regards, Matthias