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20-Sep-2018, 15:01
Afther we upgrade the postgresql from 9.4 to 9.6 according the installation steps with /usr/lib/susemanager/bin/pg-migrate.sh. this went fine.
we also upgraded susemanager 3.1 to v3.2 on sles12sp3. We followed steps from the best-practice guide, and did a zypper migration. https://www.suse.com/documentation/suse-manager-3/3.2/susemanager-best-practices/html/book.suma.best.practices/bp.sp.migration.html
At the end, we did a spacewalk-schema-upgrade, and now things are going wrong. We get the following messages :
Schema upgrade: [susemanager-schema-3.1.19-2.30.1] -> [susemanager-schema-3.2.12-3.3.1]
Searching for upgrade path to: [susemanager-schema-3.2.12-3.3.1]
Searching for upgrade path to: [susemanager-schema-3.2.12]
Searching for start path: [susemanager-schema-3.1.19-2.30.1]
Searching for start path: [susemanager-schema-3.1.19]
Was not able to find upgrade path in directory [/etc/sysconfig/rhn/schema-upgrade].

We already did the pg-migrate.sh again, but this did not help. Does anywhone knows how te fixed this, because now we cannot
go into the gui from susemanager, because i comes with the message that we first must upgrade the schema.

kind regards, Henk

20-Sep-2018, 15:52
Hi Henk,

as there's nothing actually to do in that stage, you can simply create an empty update directory /etc/sysconfig/rhn/schema-upgrade/susemanager-schema-3.1.19-to-susemanager-schema-3.2.0 and restart the schema upgrade.

Been there, done that. That glitch is already known to SUSE and will be fixed with some patch.


20-Sep-2018, 16:23
Hello J,

thank you very much, it's that simple?
it's does the schema-upgrade now, and we can login to the gui again.
susemanager is updated now to 3.2, we did see afther the spacewalk-schema-upgrade the following message : The database schema was upgraded to version [susemanager-schema-3.2.12-3.3.1].

thank you, kind regards Henk