View Full Version : SLES 11 SP4 Help me with requeriments for Acronis Backup

28-Nov-2018, 15:49
Hi everybody, my name is Marco and I´m new in this world of Suse...

I need your help, please!!

I bought an Acronis Backup License for my Suse Linux Server for SAP Applications, but the license failed. I submited a ticket in Acronis then they need this:

1) Install the least version of:


I don´t know how to do :(

2) After number 1, install kernel base, equal to my kernel version (Linux hanab1 3.0.101-80-default)

I don´t know how to do :(

Could any help me?

28-Nov-2018, 15:57
Hi and welcome to the Forum :)
Normally perl will be installed, you can check either via YaST Software or probably easier via zypper;

You can check if not there install;

zypper se perl make gcc
zypper in perl make gcc

Then install the kernel source and other bits...

zypper in kernel-source kernel-syms

The above should pull in the other requirements automatically.

This is all assuming your system is registered for updates....

29-Nov-2018, 15:34
Thank you very much