View Full Version : SLES 12 SP3 SMT: How to created a testing repository?

15-Feb-2019, 01:22
Trying to create an SMT server. I mirrored two repos, SLES12-SP3-Pool and SLES12-SP3-Updates, both for x86_64. As far as I understand the documentation, I need to stage them now. First I have to stage a testing repo, then a production repo.

This works for Pool, but not for Updates:

# smt-staging status SLES12-SP3-Pool sle-12-x86_64
Testing snapshot: created (corresponding mirror date: 2019-02-14 23:27:28)
Production snapshot: created (corresponding mirror date: 2019-02-14 23:27:28)
# smt-staging createrepo SLES12-SP3-Updates sle-12-x86_64 --testing
Mirroring: file:///srv/www/htdocs/repo/full/SUSE/Updates/SLE-SERVER/12-SP3/x86_64/update/
Target: /srv/www/htdocs/repo/testing/SUSE/Updates/SLE-SERVER/12-SP3/x86_64/update/
(...bunch of links...)
Repository successfully generated at /repo/testing/SUSE/Updates/SLE-SERVER/12-SP3/x86_64/update/.
# smt-staging status SLES12-SP3-Updates sle-12-x86_64
Last mirrored: never
Testing snapshot: not created
Production snapshot: not created
# smt-repos -o
| Mirror? | ID | Type | Name | Target | Description | Can be Mirrored | Staging |
| Yes | 1 | nu | SLES12-SP3-Pool | sle-12-x86_64 | SLES12-SP3-Pool for sle-12-x86_64 | Yes | Yes |
| Yes | 2 | nu | SLES12-SP3-Updates | sle-12-x86_64 | SLES12-SP3-Updates for sle-12-x86_64 | Yes | Yes |

Summary: I mirrored the repos and staged them for testing. The smt-repos command says both repos are mirrored. smt-staging reports something else: Pool is mirrored, and testing and production snapshots exist. But Updates is not mirrored, and there are no snapshots.

Are there suggestions how to solve this?

15-Feb-2019, 11:52
Problem solved by reinstalling the operating system.

After getting over this obstacle I am now working on the next inexplicable error.