View Full Version : SLES 12 SP3 Migrate PV to Xen Server

09-Jan-2020, 23:01
hi, i need migrate my phisical server to xen server, and have a problem with the boot, stay only in "start running job", in both hard virtual disks(swap and /), i check the fstab and grub2, reestruct all files and continues with the start running job, have a best practs to migrave one phisical server to virtual server?, i uses to command "dd", create and (dd if=/dev/sda of=/bkp/suse.img) converted from "suse.img" to "suse.vhd" and import, i see the boot, and can chose start normally or rescue, but stop in the start running job, is possible migrate without uses new installation?

11-Jan-2020, 14:24
Hardware migration or virtual machine migrations needs a full backup and restore. See:
for more details about "full backup and restore" with SLE15.

11-Jan-2020, 19:21
Hi, thanks for help, i try this link, and stop in same part, start job running, i edit the grub.cfg and put the uuid in the line, but change only the name in the screen, start job...by-uuidxxxx458 and now job...by-uuidxxxxab4, i check the uuid by dvd rescue suse, i belive have another location/file, with problems...