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27-Sep-2012, 16:04
I recently implemented an SMT server for my Linux on System z environment. All of my servers are currently registered to the Novell site (nu.novell.com). I have 10 servers residing in a DMZ for http access from the web. I installed SMT so that I didn't have to move these servers to a different, non-DMZ'ed, network in order to apply maintenance. Much to my chagrin, when I went to run clientSetup4SMT.sh on these DMZ'ed servers, the script hung while trying to contact 'nu.novell.com'. The only way that I could get it to run was to move the server to a different network, run the script, then move it back to the DMZ'ed network.

Why would the script need to contact the Novell servers when the whole purpose is for SMT to be a proxy for the Novell servers? Is it because the server(s) were already registered with the Novell servers?


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