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14-Nov-2012, 15:52
I downloaded latest from Oracle for 12.1, went to software and it was there and checked. Went to activities and there the icon was plain as day. set up a VM for Rosa Marathon and error message lacked kernel or some such.
Then I suspected I lacked dependencies and went back to software and began randomly adding. (Yea I know dumb) At any rate I reversed all that and I need to know in steps if someone will be so kind. (hey being 81 not easy:confused:
I was not sure if it was not the live D and a kernel challenge so went to windows and installed on VB without effort. Someone please advise and thanks

14-Nov-2012, 16:18
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A few things would help me, if not others, understand your situation.

First, Oracle is a company, so you cannot download it. Later you
mentioned 'VB' so maybe you are referring to VirtualBox, but if so
please explicitly state as much. Oracle creates a lot more than
VirtualBox, and VitualBox is not the thing for which they are
predominantly known.

You also mentioned downloading for 12.1.... what's 12.1? This makes me
think you are talking about openSUSE instead of SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server (SLES) for which this forum was made. If you are using openSUSE
please post in those forums at http://forums.opensuse.org/ instead of
here. Many of the results may be the same, but the devil is in the
details so you'll get better help there if that is what you are using.
If 12.1 refers to something else, please explicitly state as much.

"error message lacked kernel or some such" - What exactly was the error
message? If this is VirtualBox (or any virtualization solution) the
kernel version and capabilities often matter. Wildly (very wildly)
guessing I'd maybe think you did not have a process that supports the
V/VT technology for virtualization, but if this worked at any point in
time on this system then that shouldn't be the problem. Again, the
actual error message matters.

Good luck.
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