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07-Dec-2012, 20:41
Just started having weirdness w/ my verizon phone. I cannot send sms
to a particular number. When I try, I get a [page] sms message back
that shows not being from anyone.

I can receive sms from this person, just cannot send, and I can call
them as well.

Any ideas?


07-Dec-2012, 21:40
Stevo wrote:

> Any ideas?

Was it hacked?

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07-Dec-2012, 21:51
KBOYLE sounds like they 'said':

> Was it hacked?

So my response to KBOYLE's comment is...

Dunno, they said they did nothing to their phone, I mentioned calling
their provider. I was told by verizon that if it shows message
delivered, it left verizon & they can't do anything more about it,
which makes sense.