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14-Feb-2013, 03:44
I need to build 3 new clusters each of 8 nodes with diskless HP bl460c blades booting from a SAN.

The problem I anticipate is scripting the partitioning of the boot LUNs. On our existing cluster servers with local RAID disks they are addressed as /dev/sda (or /dev/cciss), and this is consistent on all servers in the cluster. Obviously this won't work when the LUNs have a unique id and are addressed at /dev/<wwn>.

Does anyone have experience of scripting boot-from-SAN installation?



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28-Feb-2013, 09:55

that is a little bit tricky. we actually have the same problems. trying to install on multipathed devices while during installation proces device naming sda,sdb,sdc is changing.
You needn't to script a way , you can use the multipath DUD ( http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7009981 )

that give's you the ability to use /dev/mapper Device or /dev/dm Device inside your autoyast.xml File!

we are dealing with this problem by giving every Server the same luns ( 3 x 17GB ) while it's initial install . so we always have the same device mapping

<device_map config:type="list">
<!-- HD0 = VG_SYSTEM -->
<!-- HD1 = VG_SYSTEM -->
<!-- HD2 = VG_ORAHOME -->

but be careful, that is only a valid setup when you have an active/active Storage Array. Active/Passive is way more complicated.

hope that helps ...


05-Mar-2013, 23:11
Thanks for the info Olli, that looks very useful. I should be able to test it later on today.