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28-Dec-2011, 09:36
server A name:crmprd1
server B name:crmprd2

now server B is NFS server and severA is NFS client.

crmprd1:/# mount -t nfs crmprd2:/nfs_out /sapmnt-----------------OK ,no


crmprd2:~ # mount -t nfs crmprd2:/nfs_out /sapmnt
mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting
crmprd2:/nfs_out---------can't mount.

i think maybe NFS server and client on the same compter.

somebody know how to config enable the NFS server and client on the
same compter is OK.

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04-Jan-2012, 00:26
>somebody know how to config enable the NFS server and client on the
same compter is OK.

Normally that should be okay to do without any unusual configuration.

Can you supply the /etc/exports file from crmprd2 which shows how it is
exported? Maybe it shared with syntax to allow crmprd1 but not

Does crmprd2 have an entry for itself in /etc/hosts?

What version of SLES is this? If this is SLES 11 SP2 beta then there
were some known issue doing 'local' mounts during beta.
And besides SLES version, give SP level and kernel version.

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