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04-Dec-2011, 06:36
Given the relocation of SuSE, any documentation or announcements
regarding the future SLES patch management?

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Simon Flood
05-Dec-2011, 14:28
On 04/12/2011 05:36, WilliamByrne wrote:

> Given the relocation of SuSE, any documentation or announcements
> regarding the future SLES patch management?

Was there something specific you had in mind?

Anything that existed before the acquisition still exists afterwards and
since SUSE products were all called SUSE something they retain the same
name but move to the SUSE Business Unit (BU). For example, SUSE Manager
now belongs to the SUSE BU as do SLES and SLED.

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12-Dec-2011, 17:26
Im asking myself the same question, for example the continued
development of SMT when Suse Manager has been released for example.

The following text has been on the SMT product page for a long time,
but from what I can see it is still not released, or am I missing
something ?

Now Review and Push Updates

The Subscription Management Tool includes an improved, more intuitive
Novell Customer Center interface, allowing administrators to push and
review applied updates. It also delivers a number of enhanced
capabilities, including:

* Improved staging capabilities - patches can now be staged in an
internal managed area under full control of the site administrator. This
gives the administrator the option to carry out integration testing
before they fully enable the new patches on-site
* The ability to centrally push packages to managed devices
* Improved set-up and the facilitated operation for fully
disconnected ("sneakernet") configurations
* Improved monitoring and reporting - greater visibility into the
patch level of each system, allowing administrators to see and report on
which machines are up to date and which are not
* Support for System z as server hosting architecture (in addition
to x86 and x86_64)
* Improved integration with the new supportability infrastructure
delivered with SUSE Linux Enterprise (Novell Support Link integrated in
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 and Novell Support Advisor from Novell
Technical Services). This helps easily facilitate problem reporting and

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12-Jan-2012, 19:06
SMT and SUSE Manager are and will be available in parallel. You can see
SMT as the free light version of a systems management tool compared to
SUSE Manager. Both target the same issue but do not overlap much.
If you just need a proxy server for your updates and the SMT JobQueue
is enough for you to do configuration tasks, then you can stick with
SUSE Manager aims to manage your systems in a holistic way.

We will maintain SMT and continue to ship updates for it. There even
might be new features that we integrate, they might also overlap with
single features of SUSE Manager. But our goal is not to port the SUSE
Manager features to SMT.
SMT and SUSE Manager are two distinct products and point in the same
direction, but they have a different focus.

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