View Full Version : View the memory inconsistency

06-May-2014, 04:32
I encountered a strange problem。
When I used "free -m" show the memory use status,It's show have used 7GB memory,but use "ps -aux" show just used 4GB memory.
As you know ,when I used "free -m" show the memory status,I had Minus "buffers" and "cached",caculated the used memory.
So I don't know remain 3GB memory is used by which program.

06-May-2014, 08:48
How much RAM do you have in total? From what you've written I'm it sounds like 7GB, but 7GB seems is an unusual amount and if you have a total of 7GB then you have accounted for its use.

Does http://www.linuxatemyram.com help?