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18-Nov-2014, 21:34
At SUSECon 2014 in Orlando today, SUSE made several announcements:

- SUSE introduced a "bring-your-own-subscription" option for existing customers who want to use their SUSE subscriptions in the public cloud. In addition, SUSE is expanding services and support for partners participating in the SUSE Cloud Service Provider program.

- SUSE announced the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching, allowing enterprise Linux customers to perform system patching without rebooting, saving the cost of downtime and increasing service availability. SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching, based on the kGraft project, provides a stream of packages to update a running kernel without interruption.

- SUSE has begun the beta testing phase of SUSE Storage, a self-healing, self-managing, distributed software-based storage solution for enterprise customers. Using SUSE Storage and commodity off-the-shelf (COTS) disk arrays, customers can cost effectively meet growing demands for object, archival and bulk storage.

- SUSE has thrown its support behind SAP Startup Focus, a global program to help startup companies in the big data, predictive and real-time analytics space develop new applications that use the SAP HANA platform.

- Companies around the world such as the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Lockheed Martin, Swiss Re and T-Systems are increasing server uptime, improving operating efficiency and accelerating innovation by using commercial open source solutions from SUSE.