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04-Dec-2014, 08:35
I'm deploying SLES in an IBM System Z environment, and need a Linux FTP server which incorporates "structure record" (as opposed to "structure file", which is the typical default) support in order to facilitate transfers between z/OS and/or z/VM. I already use such a server in Windows, but the vendor does not offer a Unix variant. Googles haven't turned up anything definitive. Advice, anyone? Thanks.

04-Dec-2014, 20:46
My answer is next to useless... but I'm just confirming what you may already have found: The 2 FTP servers which are distributed with SLES (pure-ftpd and vsftpd) do not support record structure. Whether any FTP server does, on Linux, I'm not sure.

04-Dec-2014, 21:55
Thanks dpartrid, the confirmation is appreciated. I'm having a verbal skirmish with IBM who doesn't yet appear to understand the situation.

08-Dec-2014, 19:54
Maybe I am missing something but I am running SLES 11 SP3 servers on System z and they all have vsftp installed and configured. I can initiate FTP's from z/OS or z/VM to Linux and from Linux to z/OS and z/VM. This thread is the first I remember seeing regarding "a Linux FTP server which incorporates "structure record" (as opposed to "structure file", which is the typical default)".

08-Dec-2014, 21:10
The issue appears at the "native" level e.g. when manipulating z/OS datasets outside of the USS environment. "Structure record" was created for this purpose. In my particular instance, I'm transferring z/OS DF/DSS dump datasets to portable media in the Unix environment for offsiting purposes. Without structure record, if such a dataset is transferred back from the portable media as part of a data recovery/restoration operation, DF/DSS does not recognize it.

10-Dec-2014, 15:49
Ok, I now understand what you're doing. I've had similar issues with DF/DSS not recognizing its datasets when FTPing between z/OS systems.

I did some Google searches and found a workaround but be advised that I haven't tested it. The workaround is to use the TERSE program (PGM=TRSMAIN,PARM=PACK) to compress the DFDSS file(s) on z/OS prior to FTPing it to *nix. When the file is needed on z/OS, FTP it back and then run the UNTERSE program (PGM=TRSUNPCK,PARM=UNPACK).

10-Dec-2014, 19:27
Thanks. I am aware of the terse/unterse alternative; unfortunately, it adds considerably to both the overall duration and CPU resource consumption of the backup process. However, I may have to contemplate it further.