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02-Jan-2015, 04:00

In SLES 11 SP2 and SP3 I've been making use of SMT namespaces (staging groups) to handle multiple independent groups of systems on one SMT server.

In SLES 12 the --namespace argument to clientSetup4SMT.sh is ignored. It's only used for suse_register configuration (i.e. SLES 11, pre-SUSEConnect).

When I register a SLES 12 machine to SMT, SUSEConnect sets up the update repos pointing to the default namespace. How can I make SUSEConnect use an alternate namespace?


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02-Feb-2015, 14:03
I have this issue as well.

I've even tried hard-coding the repositories to point to repo/testing - but as soon as "zypper update" is run, it refreshes the services and overwrites the repo urls.

How do we register a client against the 'testing' patch staging repository?

Mark Harrison
Intellectual Property Office

20-Dec-2016, 18:33
When I first started using SLE 12, I thought that namespace registration was broken, because clientSetup4SMT.sh ignores that flag for SLE 12. However, I recently discovered that SUSEConnect, which is used for registration in SLE 12, has a "--namespace" option. So, you could modify clientSetup4SMT.sh to execute "$SUSEConnect --namespace $NAMESPACE" as a separate command after registration, whenever a namespace is set, like this:

if [ -n "$NAMESPACE" ]; then
$SUSEConnect --namespace $NAMESPACE