View Full Version : RPMs for zlib-devel on SLES 11 SP1

28-Feb-2012, 09:23
Hi everybody,

I have been trying to install the development package zlib-devel on our SLES 11 SP1 systems for
some time.

Sadly I cannot find links to any online RPMs, and we never received DVDs from the vendor.

I need

zlib, but not zlib-devel is available through zypper and is happily installed.

Thanks for any help,

28-Feb-2012, 09:53
zlib-devel is in the SLE SDK (http://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=zzeQqpY9nK4~). If you want a -devel package for a something included in SLES and it's not on the SLES DVD, it's probably in the SDK.