View Full Version : SLES 11 SP3 How do I move a VMWare Sles 11sp3 to KVM?

16-Nov-2015, 21:34
Hi Guys

I have a Sles 11sp3 running GroupWise GMS. I would like to move it to KVM instead of VMware.
I have managed to get the server copied over and installed, but Sles 11sp3 won't boot up properly due to difference in drivers.
How do I make the server recognize the boot drive?

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23-Nov-2015, 22:10
Maybe I should ask in another way. How do I go and change the harddrive drivers to VirtIO drivers?
I've installed a SLES11sp3 server on the KVM, and that doesn't have any problems in using the VirtIO drivers, I just need to figure out how to make it mount the drives with the other drivers?
So I guess it's some GRUB thing, and modifying the fstab somehow?

24-Nov-2015, 12:57
Hi fribert,

> Maybe I should ask in another way. How do I go and change the harddrive drivers to VirtIO drivers?

do you face any specific error messages - those would be the hints we need to point you in the right direction.

Basically, if the standard SLES kernel is used, it will already have everything included that's needed to handle the virtual disks. It may of course be that they're presented differently to your VM, but the consequences (and hence the required fixes) highly depend on your current setup. I.e. mounting file systems via volume name (LABEL= in fstab) should still work, while referencing the disk by path will most likely fail.