View Full Version : Weird behaviour of schedulePackageInstall

17-Nov-2015, 00:36
Hi all.
I want to schedule a packages update via a ruby script.
I am able to make suse manager api call and set the packages schedule with schedulePackageInstall.
The weird behaviour is that when I set the schedule by script, this action is scheduled twice for the same system.
For example , I want to update openldap through my script and when I call schedulePackageInstall, with the package id, suse manager schedule the operation twice
and with the same package.
And because of that the values returned from schedulePackageInstall is not only a single value, but a couple of values because the operation have been scheduled twice.
Anyone has any idea about why?

17-Nov-2015, 09:09
That's hard to answer without seeing the sourcecode. Can you share the code, maybe via e.g. pastebin.com ?

18-Nov-2015, 00:34
Hey kwk,
unfortunately I can't use pastebin because is blocked.
I paste the code here because is only 3 line of code

def make_call(upgradetime)
actions_id = @api.call('system.schedulePackageInstall', @key, 1000010183, 34744, Time.iso8601(upgradetime))

I guess that the code is quite self-explanatory.
So I am set a schedulePackageInstall action where @key is the session to suse manager, 1000010183 is the system_id, 34744 is the package id and with Time.iso8601(upgradetime) I am just sure that
I passed the time as iso8601..
This method return the actions id from schedulePackageInstall.
Again, the problem is that the package schedule action is done twice.
Any idea about??

18-Nov-2015, 10:51
Again, the problem is that the package schedule action is done twice.
Any idea about??

Uhm, no, sorry.

You could check /var/log/rhn/rhn_server_xmlrpc.log which logs the API calls. Maybe you have a script error and schedulePackageInstall is indeed called twice.

Else you'll need to open a support call and have the engineering team take a look at this problem.