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22-Dec-2015, 14:05
Good morning,

i work on SLES11 SP3.

During my installation of suse cloud 5, the log tells me : "IP 10.X.X.1 of Administration Server is not in admin range (192.X.X.5 to 192.X.X.6)

I have two interfaces on my Admin node. and crowbar is taking the bad IP Address for my admin server...

How can i change it, please ?

Thank you in advance !

23-Dec-2015, 09:35
I think you would need to map the "admin" network onto the other interface using the conduits in /etc/crowbar/network.json
There are some hints in

maybe you could also change /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules to switch the two interface names

23-Dec-2015, 11:28
HI, thank you for your answer.

my problem is fixed but now i've a other problem.

During my installation. it tells me :"Error: SLES11_SP3 has not been set up at /srv/tftpboot/suse-11.3/install"

The problem is that i have mounted the sles11sp3 image in the install directory.

Why it tells me that? My sles11 iso is bad ? I don't know, i need help ^^'

Thank you in advance.

26-Dec-2015, 08:28
If you have mounted it correctly, you should be able to do
# cat /srv/tftpboot/suse-11.3/install/media.1/build