View Full Version : Suse studio build blueray image not space available?

24-Dec-2015, 16:27
Hi do someone know how to fix: Norvell user

Maximum disk quota reached. Remove unneeded appliances or builds to free up additional space.

64-bit x86, based on openSUSE Leap 42.1
12 GB download (Build size 28 GB).

Do i need Google Disk to use?

To get possible to build big image?
Do someone know that this build support iPXE UEFI? Or is that impossible to use?
Because blueray disk or memory stick is to expensive. And slower if i had 500 mbit internet speed.

25-Dec-2015, 08:06
LMH1;2744838 Wrote:
> Do someone know that this build support iPXE UEFI?

How is it related to SUSE Studio? Ask separate question on Install

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