View Full Version : SLES 12 best imaging tool?

03-Jan-2016, 19:11
i wanted to know if there was any imaging tool out there equal or better than clonezilla?
i have used clonezilla earlier, but wanted to know if there was a newer tool with a GUI, that would allow a user to take a image and also restore a image onto identical hardware.
has anyone heard of acronis disk imager, or acronis backup advanced? do these get the same job done as clonezilla?

04-Jan-2016, 20:42
just want to add that i need to take an image of a raid 5 server with 4 disks.

05-Jan-2016, 17:59
Hi rashidM,

well, to simply take a disk image and put it back on the same hardware setup (or in other words, a 1:1 image with no additional needs to convert/move/... anything), to me "dd" is actually the "best imaging tool". Available on any Linux boot image, no special formats involved, easy to use, small. What more would I want?