View Full Version : Azure repository is not updated anymore?

15-May-2016, 11:22

On the last 3 weeks i see no updates to the SLSES 12SP1 repository on Azure.
while the patch update (https://download.suse.com/patch/finder/#bu=suse&familyId=7261&productId=50804&dateRange=30&startDate=&endDate=&priority=&architecture=&keywords=&xf=7261&xp=7261_50804)
shows patches continue to roll out on a few day basis.

my zypper lu produce the following output:
Refreshing service 'SMT-http_smt-azure_susecloud_net'.
Refreshing service 'cloud_update'.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
No updates found.

I am using cloud-regionsrv-client-6.4.5-34.1.noarch rpm .

Am i missing something? does anyone else saw this problem?

16-May-2016, 17:00
Which region are you seeing this problem in?

16-May-2016, 17:06
Azure region is US-East

/etc/hosts has the following entry :
# Added by SMT registration do not remove, retain comment as well smt-azure.susecloud.net smt-azure


16-May-2016, 19:42
Sorry for the trouble there was a permission issue, most likely introduced during the issue triggered by the failures in US East, see: https://www.suse.com/communities/blog/back-normal-azure-us-east/

The issue has been fixed. Sorry we didn't catch the previously.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

17-May-2016, 07:59
The problem seems to persist while the repository is updated to March 30 2016 only !!!!

Can you please verify?


17-May-2016, 18:42
I have manually updated the packages on all of the servers in US East. Please let me know if you are still having problems.

18-May-2016, 08:29
Problem still persist.
Zyppr show no new rpms, both the 12 and 12-SP1 repositories on show that the last update is on 31/03/2016 .

the below is what i see on the broswer checking the repodata directory

Icon Name Last modified Size Description
[DIR] Parent Directory -
[ ] 00c1acbe8f3601add1aa9eafbc01301e877ac67acf7d13308d 7c16749461c66a-updateinfo.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:37 341K
[ ] 2ef63844e0e7de9e485ed39bdd5ea113bec7a37690645ec889 ead3b5cccea0e2-primary.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:37 6.4M
[ ] 885d2cabe944a9b7785b85e7b5e336ac5608b517bbc690fb4b 445874a02a9d80-deltainfo.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:38 104K
[ ] 963e7cd7a693a08591c36de6f5f6c570ffd67c7cd0143f0357 56eac1faa86680-appdata.xml.gz 02-Dec-2015 13:26 22K
[ ] bc23991e2a25f0216a044608382a6463ee7e720a1030bba245 484758a635a333-app-icons.tar.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:37 2.3K
[ ] c22b7584789da84b39bd88673eebf760f22d3c94e6f9cbf849 bba91d2fe13b45-filelists.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:37 8.4M
[ ] f2dc1b7b0388cbd89385ef4b1d98a8b88b5d658f65e144448e 910ff94a4b8a47-other.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:37 2.7M
[ ] fb8d081e873cf0669a10fb6bef4e5b61546be2cffb638dc198 07ba35a1456c00-susedata.xml.gz 30-Mar-2016 15:38 116K
[TXT] repomd.xml 30-Mar-2016 15:38 3.6K
[TXT] repomd.xml.asc 30-Mar-2016 15:38 481
[TXT] repomd.xml.key 30-Mar-2016 15:38 972

19-May-2016, 15:04
I believe I have resolved this issue. Will you please see if you can pick up the latest updates?

19-May-2016, 15:14
Thank you very much.

Everything seems to work now.

I will check again in few days to see that the repository gets updated on a reular manner.