View Full Version : SLES FOR SAP 12SP1 SAP Wizard Error for Dell Poweredge R930

24-Jun-2016, 08:23
Apparently there's an error when i tried to install SLES SAP 12SP1 on Dell R930, wizard cant start the full autoinstall (especially at partitioning parts of the wizard), apparently this might be the caused, on " /usr/share/YaST2/include/sap-installation-wizard " they name the "hana_partitioning_Dell Inc._Poweredge R930.xml" wrongly to "hana_partitioning_Dell Inc._Poweredge RT30.xml", i've tried to rename the file but there's still error when wizard doing something on the partitioning.

is someone having same problem with me, can somebody help?


27-Jun-2016, 10:34
Some help:

a) Did you register your install? If yes you will get updates before the wizard is running.

b) if this is an error which is not fixed yet, please open a support request to let it be fixed.


01-Jul-2016, 09:02
i have updated the OS, but still error.