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06-Sep-2016, 03:45
I am using SLED 12.1. Evolution 3.10.4 will not permit me to use TLS encryption with the 995 port. Every time I save the 995 port with TLS encryption which is required to access my pop account, the port number reverts back to 110. Any suggestions? Can I manually over ride in the configuration file?

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13-Sep-2016, 15:53
i am still using SLED11SP4 with evolution 2.28.2
this tip helped me in the past. not sure about your case since you are using a newer version.

i found this solution from this website (http://timmurphy.org/2010/05/03/setting-the-smtp-port-number-in-evolution/) a few years ago:

Setting the SMTP port number in Evolution

Some mail servers require you to connect on a certain port. Evolution (the default mail client for the gnome desktop environment) doesn’t have a setting for the server port number. You can set this by adding :[port_no] to the end of the server address.

For example, to use the mail server mail.example.com on port 587, set the server path as mail.example.com:587

hope this helps...

19-Sep-2016, 20:36
Set Port:=995
Set "encryption method":="SSL dedicated port"
That's it!175

03-Oct-2016, 23:24
Set Port:=995
Set "encryption method":="SSL dedicated port"
That's it!175

The reason I am trying to use TLS 1.1 or 1.2, since SSL is not secure due to the poodle vulnerability. I was able to get it to download. I am using a POP server with ports 995 for in coming and 465 port for smtp out going mail. Thank you for your help.

15-Jan-2017, 21:49
I use ews (Exchange) and had some trouble too. In my case there has been a DNS failure. The failure was: "No TLS handshake possible"