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25-Sep-2016, 19:12
I am trying to use the VMDP driver pack with windows 2012 R2. The network card updates fine, but if I create a virtio secondary drive (as per installation documents), which is then recognised by the system, and then move the boot drive to virtio, windows does not then boot and will not recognised the boot virtio drive. I am using KVM, and have done this in the past, but nothing can get past the not boot device when I try the boot device as a virtio device.

Anyone got any ideas about how to get around this, Frustrating as I have done this before (could be a couple of years ago).



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12-Oct-2016, 16:09
Finally solved the problem!!!!
After trying a number of different things including using the /force switch to address the issue, I eventually ran the uninstall utility in the vmdp folder under program files. I then rebooted the system which came up with a number of unknown devices, and ran the install program again. This time when I changed the disc in KVM to virtio, the system booted correctly with greatly enhanced performance.

You should note that the Ethernet driver shows up as a SUSE driver, but the correct disc driver appears as a Microsoft driver when all is functioning correctly.