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05-Oct-2016, 20:00
To whom it may concern

Is it still necessary to update a SUSEManager 3 server and extend the database schema.I did it on a SUSEManager 2.1 server ( see page 94 Installation and troubleshooting guide for SUSEManager 2.1 ).

I don't see it in the SUSEManager 3 documentations.I am busy with a customers SUSEManager 3 server.

Can anyone please comment on this.

05-Oct-2016, 20:36
If you have patches to SUSE Manager 3 you may still get database changes
requiring a database service restart as before.

Good luck.

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06-Oct-2016, 07:25
Yes, the procedure hasn't changed. If a database schema migration is needed, you will also be reminded on the SUSE Manager main page (dashboard).