View Full Version : Multiple Problems with SLES for Raspberry PI

13-Nov-2016, 01:55
1 - Logitech mouse/keyboard not detected. Must use wired USB mouse and keyboard.

2 - Reboot with wireless mouse and keyboard inserted causes boot to hang "scanning bus 0". Disconnect mouse and keyboard and system boots.

3 - Firefox very unstable. Freezes at time and when it fails the system logs out and must log in again.


13-Nov-2016, 23:40
I can't use my Logitech wireless keyboard. This is related to the driver included in kernel.

04-Dec-2016, 13:57
Yes, I was surprised to find that my Logitech K400 keyboard/touchpad were not recognized by SLES on my Pi-3:
both Raspbian and Fedora 24 recognized it immediately on my Pi-3. I had to go dig up a USB kbd & mouse to even get
started on SLES.

I did find a couple of systems that are supposed to provide that service under SLES, but I haven't been able
to get them to work, and I'm a little wary of anything that has to be installed in addition to the basic kernel ...
seems like it might be vulnerable to future kernel updates disabling it.

This seems to be a kernel feature available on other Linux distributions, including on the Raspberry Pi, but not
included in SLES. Any chance of including it in future updates?

05-Dec-2016, 15:11
Today I changed my wireless keyboard from Logicool K270 to Logitech MK270. This keyboard works fine on SLES 12SP2 for Raspberry Pi. But currently I didn't check the difference of driver between K270 and MK270.

01-Jan-2017, 14:04
1 - Logitech mouse/keyboard not detected. Must use wired USB mouse and keyboard.


I started a separate thread for this one and got a solution in response. My K400 Plus now functions as it should.
Check that thread for the solution.