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21-Dec-2016, 22:06
I am trying to make a change in my system per use docs. I am trying to do this and keep getting an error. It was already created. I can't find a way to edit this.

crm(live)configure# primitive stonith_sbd stonith:external/sbd pcmk_delay_max="30"
ERROR: syntax in primitive: Unknown arguments: pcmk_delay_max=30 near <pcmk_delay_max=30> parsing 'primitive stonith_sbd stonith:external/sbd pcmk_delay_max=30'

Any help appreciated.
Thank you

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05-Jan-2017, 13:44
I figured this out. The documentation was wrong.

05-Jan-2017, 16:22
On 05/01/17 12:54, warper2 wrote:

> I figured this out. The documentation was wrong.

In what way? Perhaps we can get the documentation corrected.

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06-Jan-2017, 14:46

Near the bottom of the page it shows the command. It is missing the params option for the command. I found the correct way somewhere else.
The documentation could be much better about this option to. Have seen nothing but issues with HA since sles 11 sp4. Had virtual hosts running for
over a year on 11 sp3 with no issues. So many issues since sp4 with sbd.

Sorry just venting frustration.