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21-Feb-2017, 00:26
I just updated our SLES12 SP2 server (with XEN) and after rebooting, it has been very sluggish. I started up YAST to check on the running services and I get the following error message

Internal error. Please report a bug report with logs.
Details: Systemctl command failed: Timeout 30 seconds: LANG=C TERM=dumb COLUMNS=1024 systemctl --no-legend --no-pager --no-
Caller: /usr/share/YaST2/lib/yast2/systemctl.rb:29:in `rescue in execute'

At a loss as to what I should do to address this and get teh server back to normal operations.

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07-Mar-2017, 15:56
Hi Larry,

what about diagnosing this with more simple tools, like

- "vmstat 1" to get current memory/swap/io/cpu information at one-second intervals

- "top" to check for CPU- or memory-intensive tasks

- "iostat -zN 2" (from the sysstat package) to check for I/O

- "dmesg -wT" to see if i.e. the kernel reports on problems

That should give you a first hint at what might be slowing down your system.


08-Mar-2017, 14:09
I ended up calling in an SR on this. The problem was traced to the ZENworks 11 installation on the server - after the updates were applied, it was causing massive swapping. We ended up disabling the ZENworks server services and the problem is not occurring. One of the SLES12 SP2 updates seems to have caused the problem but since I was planning to retire ZENworks from the metal server, this was the quickest solution.

All I need to do now is to move the database to the virtual ZENworks server I have running.


08-Mar-2017, 15:11
Hi Larry,

thank you for reporting back on the found cause. (JFTR: The swapping would have been visible using "vmstat 1")

All I need to do now is to move the database to the virtual ZENworks server I have running.

I guess you'll probably find more answers on that in the Zenworks product forum at https://forums.novell.com/forumdisplay.php/20-ZENworks , as the forums here focus on the base OS.


08-Mar-2017, 16:41
Yeah. I already found some material - just need to find time to actually try it.