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09-Apr-2012, 08:25
On SLES11 SP1 Xen server I used LVM snapsots to backup VM's.
My script successfully did the following:
1. shutdown VM
2. run lvcreate to make a snapshot
3. start VM
4. backup the snapshot
5. run lvremove to remove the snapshot

After upgrade to SLES11 SP2 lvremove brings an error:
"Can't remove open logical volume..."

There is a workaround:

dmsetup remove <volume_group>-<snapshot_volume>
dmsetup remove <volume_group>-<snapshot_volume>-cow
lvremove <volume_group>/<snapshot_volume>

But I hope this workaround is only temporary till next patch for LVM:(

09-Apr-2012, 19:56
andy s wrote:

> But I hope this workaround is only temporary till next patch for LVM

Forum visitors will appreciate your warning and workaround, but
Novell/SUSE do not monitor these forums and may not be aware of the

There are a couple of open bugs involving lvremove but they aren't
necessarily the same as the one you have encountered. The best way to
ensure the issue is resolved is to report it to Novell/SUSE.

It is always a good idea to open a Service Request to make sure the
issue is logged. Each additional SR involving an open bug will only
raise the visibility of that bug and improve the chances of an early

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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