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22-May-2017, 15:18
I try to install SLES 12 SP 2 as a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine.
During the installation, I select Ext4 as type of root (50GB) and home (150GB) partition.
When I start the Installation, after a few minutes the installation process hangs during the preparation of the partitions.
I test different possibilities: VM generation 1 and 2, different file systems, EFI or not, different BlockSizeBytes,
Always the same result.
Have somebody an idea to fix this problem?


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29-May-2017, 07:02
RalfLangeDD wrote:

> I try to install SLES 12 SP 2 as a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine.

You don't provide many details.

I haven't used Hyper-V but according to Microsoft it is only supported
on Windows Server operating system version 2016.


Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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29-May-2017, 10:16
Thanks for the tip about the Windows Server operating system version. We use 2012R2. So I will go back to the SLES 12 SP 1.