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15-Jun-2017, 15:07

I am currently running a 2 node cluster, and I wanted to add a quorum disk, instead of having quorum on nodes, and to know if there is any way to increase votes, for example having an iscsi device more. I have been reading here but did not find any answer:https://www.suse.com/documentation/sle_ha/singlehtml/book_sleha/book_sleha.html

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27-Jun-2017, 13:20
Hi Pedro,

first of all: Which version of SLE HA are you using? You linked the SLE 11SP4 docs, is that your actual version?

AFAIR, SLES does not support quorum disks. I you really want a (cheap) tie-breaker, set up an additional cluster node on old/cheap/easy hardware and set that node to "standby". No resources would ever be run on that node, but it will take part in the quorum process. If it drops out (i.e. because of hardware failure), no harm is done - the remaining two nodes still have quorum and you can replace the failed node with the next cheapo machine :)