• Articles/Forums/Blogs in one place

    SUSE now has it's own discussion forum site. Welcome. In addition to the forums, which is our main function here, we have ARTICLES and BLOGS associated with the forums. These are accessible via tabs just below the page header.

    Articles will be kind of like forum "stickies" but more informational and more permanent. It's a way for our Knowledge Partners and forum staff to promote good forum posts into articles as well as author other good information. Trusted users can also be article enabled. If you are interested in authoring tips and tricks and other good technical SUSE related stuff, click on the FORUM FEEDBACK link in the footer and make a request.

    Knowledge Partners, forum staff, and forum users who meet minimum participation requirements will be able to post blog entries

    All articles and blogs will be included when searching forum content. If you have questions about articles, blogs, or forums, send me a private message or ask any of the forum leaders. Thanks for participating with us in the forums.
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    1. ssalgy's Avatar
      ssalgy -
      FYI -- we are spinning up a new SUSE Conversations site (formerly known as SUSE Cool Solutions) and with Kim Groneman's gracious permission, we are going to troll through these Articles and Blogs and copy the best ones into SUSE Conversations. We will edit them to pull them together if they consist of multiple threads.

      --Susan Salgy