Installing SLES 12 SP3 in an LPAR

gadibagadiba New or Quiet Member
I am trying to install SLES 12 SP3 in an LPAR.
The computer is a z13s and the LPAR has 32GB assigned.
I burned the ISO file to a DVD, put the DVD in the HMC, and IPL'd for the DVD.

The IPL started but seems to have stopped at a certain point, before I could give it network devices or DASD devices.

The last message I see is:
8021q: 802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8

Has anyone had this problem?
How can I fix it.



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  • tlostaunau_delltlostaunau_dell New or Quiet Member
    Were you ever able to get past this? I am running into the same exact issue and have let it sit on that message for at least an hour or so and it hasn't moved at all.
  • Is this a new installation or an upgrade?
  • tlostaunau_delltlostaunau_dell New or Quiet Member
    Is this a new installation or an upgrade?

    This is a new installation.
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